Mom2Mom Sale

2018 Fall Sale
We will announce our fall sale date in July. Follow our Facebook page for updates!

Please contact with any questions.

HVPOM hosts twice-annual Mom 2 Mom sales where our members sell tons of great items, from maternity gear to toys to clothes for kids through size 12. Our Mom 2 Mom sale is set-up department store style – our members tag their items in advance with a description and a price, and they are strategically placed out by type. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in clothing because everything is arranged on tables by size and gender. There isn’t any bartering, which means you can check items out and walk away without guilt if the price isn’t right for your budget.

Because of all of the fabulous doubles and triples of items we all collect that we don’t have the space to keep once our kids are done with them, our members tend to sell things at very reasonable prices. Some steals at recent sales – a bouncy seat for $4, a like-new papasan-style infant swing for $20, new with tags U-M running suit in size 2T for $3, an oversized pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals for $4…you get the idea! We hope you’ll come check it out!